This is the changelog of the site, this is provided because we think the users of the site deserve to know what we are doing, and any changes to how stats are generated is importent

Versions explained - A.B.C.D
A = Major version number, rarly changes but reflects basicly complete rewrite.
B = Big change, often a collection of new features or a big rewrite of critical code.
C = New features added, that requires cache to be cleared
D = Mostly fixes or new features that does NOT requires cache clearing
Added: Uses newer .net version, and lots of internal refactor..
Fixed: Site not working with adblockers.
Added: Defensive and Offensive overview pr player for all games ( Stats for blocking and dodges)
Added: New Create Account page.
Fixed: Few minor issues with TSW site
Added: TSW support on web site
Fixed: Some issues related to change to new server
Fixed: Potensial error where index of pets would overrun making events not generate
Fixed: Case where admin log could fail to get account names
Fixed: Some cases where old URL would not be correctly redirected.
Changed: Some admin side stuff.
Changed: Feedback form now has a topic textbox, simply to sort email better :)
Fixed: Some cases where guild managment would not log corrently
Fixed: SWTOR issues fixed
Added: Rift now excludes filtered abilities when generating stats
Fixed: Case where death report pages would not correcly render or be shown.
Added: Concept of Sub bosses, this is mostly usefull for Rift.
Fixed: Testing code got into producetion that would break charts on certain browsers.
Fixed: Bug that could cause the site to generate a 503 error on some events after they where modified.
Changed: Bumped amcharts version
Fixed: Bug on web site engine could prevent some logs from being generated ( Internaly it was messing up if encounters where in the wrong order...)
Added: New dll for caching look at credits page for details.
Added: Ability to compare the encounter charts of Overview page, this is very usefull to compare boss encounters.
Added: Ability to compare the encounter charts on the Entity page
Added: Feature in Focus should now provide much better tips to the users
Added: Feature in focus is now activated on the top menu bar.
Added: Public caching of all async JSON data ( Charts and Datatables).
Fixed: DataTables Cache busting setting being default on
Added: Some extra code to check access rights on admin pages
Added: Public caching of RSS feeds
Fixed: Potensial leak of SQL connections on fetching RSS or Iframe
Fixed: Potensial problem with access rights on sites ( Mostly affected Rift ).
Added: Will now automaticly create local user id when you had account on another GuildStats site.
Added: Create guild page now sorts servers by region
Fixed: Improved how location code handles duplicate bosses
Fixed: Contact form did not give me the reply email address.
Fixed: Internal error looking up account information, this broke many small things.
Changed: Clicking on Site no longer takes you to the root of current guildstats site. ( This fixes issue for touch based devices).
Added: DataTablesMerged.js This is a minifined version of: jquery.dataTables.js,ColVis.js,jquery.dataTables_extentions.js . This will decrease page load and remove potensial javascript errors on first time visitors.
Added: System for automaticly sending reverfication emails to users that failed to authenticate their email addresses.
Added: Now shows in a visual way the percentages of values in overview.aspx
Added: Now correctly removed encounters where entity was not active from the Encounters list
Changed: Order of Main table in Overview.aspx ( Aslo means old settings stored in cookies is invalided).
Changed: Will now do force redirects when user has incorrect username in the URL.
Added: Better handling when a error is detected during stats generation.
Added: Minor improvements to BossEdit and Location pages
Added: Contacts page now has its own send feedback option directly.
Added: Seperate page for event generation failure.
Added: First version of caching system that uses public/client caching better on Client and in the cloud
Added: Credits page to allow users to some of the open source tools thats being used
Fixed: Crash when reseting password
Added: Async loading for the AddThis javascripts
Removed: Old tooltip system completly
Added: Profile.aspx can now control your Email subscriptions for upcomming features.
Added: Improved the UI of BossListEdit.aspx and Location.aspx
Fixed: Case where unkown owner of pet for could stop generation of stats.
Added: System for sending emails directly to users for administrators
Fixed: Crash proofing for spiders that did not provide a Agent string.
Fixed: Case where some logs could not be generated, due to internal bug where encounter list would become to big.
Added: Should now spread Debuffs and death information in the charts more spread out
Added: Now uses jQuery clueTip for ? for the tips.
Added: Tooltip no longer a "base" javascript plugin, so should be a bit faster page load for new users
Added: Will now work if only Event parm is provided to overview.aspx
Added: Added ? to encounter selector for overview,entity and ability page.
Fixed: If Overview.aspx would only get event as url parm it would "crash"
Added: Chart generation for players and NPC's can now show both Debuffs taken and done ( Both off by default)
Added: System for correctly labeling boss entities as duplicates if 2 of them came in the database ( Mostly visible in search)
Added: BossListEdit.aspx for editing bosses
Fixed: Overview.aspx Button "Show explanations" now correctly adds new line before ?
Changed: BossList.aspx is now for a list of bosses
Fixed: Posible bug with encounters that could cause event generation to fail.
Added: More redirects for old spiders
Added: Framework for internal task system, this will allow GuildStats sites to pregenerate caches of pages when the load on the site is low or after updated versions.
Fixed: Internal error when browser had retarded long Agent string ( Hello Creative, im sure its importent for you to be in the agent string og browsers).
Fixed: Entity page reports could NOT be generated
Fixed: Posible error where time in combat calculations
Fixed: Internal crash when trying to generate reports for events with no proper encounters ( fauly events )
Changed: Improved internal support for unqiue URL on a pr user basis (This is to support heavier caching)
Fixed: Case where generation of stats could generate reports about players more then once.
Fixed: Death report pages would not show their data
Changed: Revert back to headjs.
Fixed: Search could sometimes not work because it contained "bad chars" in the URL.
Added: New version of Addthis sharhing code and should look better now !
Fixed: Hopefully finaly fixed that pages could have to be reloaded if cache was emty to get stats working...
Changed: Uses LAB instead of headjs to async loading javascript.
Added: New and improved charting system powered by amcharts now.
Added: Changelog page now changes URL based on site version.
Added: More sider detector code to block Baiduspider spamming my site.
Changed: Some improvements the account login page
Changed: Internal cache is being handled, this should lower the footprint a bit.
Fixed: Posible crash with Overview.aspx if event had not been generated
Added: Web page now has ability to show changelog, this will be alot better as changelog no longer is required to be updated manualy
Added: Builds time in combat list again now on stats generation instead of trusting the client to do it
Added: Crash proofing chart generation
Changed: Now uses shared check between client for checking for strings containing bag strings
Fixed: Several Firefox releated html that would not render everything
Changed: Several UI improvements to changing the Guild profile for Guild officers
Changed: Internal changes to how email are handled ( will be sent via 3d party to hopefully fix emails getting lost on the internets)
Fixed: Firefox being a cry baby about Mime types and did not load charts
Fixed: Firefox would not load all the java scripts correct
Fixed: Firefox being a cry baby about html
Added: Chart to the Overview.aspx page they show Raid DPS,Raid HPS,the Raid damage taken and they will show when player died or where hit with debuffs.
Added: Now uses headjs to load all javascripts async to speed up the first page load faster for new users.
Added: Login.aspx will now offer to send verfication email again if the user tries to login via a account thats not verfifed
Changed: Color layout
Added: Redirect to correct forum address if someone was using a insanly old url.
Added: Hides overheal,overdamage for Age of Conan as those are not supported by the game.
Changed: Defaults hides Critical hits in Rift, as they are bugged.
Added: web Crawlers now get told to cache the stats pages for at least 90 days
Fixed: Could make request crash if the guild id was wrong
Fixed: Older logs can have encounter index based on what it was in the sql, this would result in encounter generation failure
Fixed: Rare case where Deathreports url could be incorrect creating fauly stats generation
Changed: Internal refactor on how site logging works, its now cross GuildStats.NET sites
Changed: Refactored ErrorLogger classes into 1 shared class
Fixed: Several cases where email sent out would point in the wrong site
Added: The new roles for Location and boss admin.
Added: First version of system location system
Added: First version of system to add bosses via web site ( Client will be able to download the list)
Fixed: BossList.aspx now checks if Boss exists
Changed: Event Cache will no longer be invalided for minor site upgrades
Removed: The 2 sitemaps, only uses one now.
Removed: No longer shows beta text on the Rift site
Changed: Refactored the Cache system a bit for Overview.aspx/Entity.aspx/TableData.ashx/Ability.aspx making it simpler
Fixed: Posiblity of failure to log errors if they happened inside worker proccess for event generations
Changed: Hides Entity overview part for AoC
Changed: Correctly hides all the data tables now if the request had malformed parameters
Fixed: 2 Potensial errors in a GuildAdministration
Changed: Uses modifed javascript file.
Fixed: Default sorting order for both Entity.aspx and Overview.aspx being oposite of correct
Added: Entity.aspx Now has some basic explinations.
Added: More explinations on Overview.aspx
Added: Enabled caching for public caching for table data
Added: New overview.aspx help table to show basic explinations
Added: Overview.aspx Shows the position row in overview
Added: Damage and Healing ability in Entity.aspx now show position
Added: URL Decoding there could be some bugs sometimes with callbacks
Changed: Default sorted by damage done
Fixed: Iframe.ashx was poiting in the wrong domain and would show AoC logo for Rift
Fixed: Rss.aspx was poiting in the wrong domain and would show AoC logo for Rift
Added: data tables for Ability and Entity pages are now unique named
Fixed: Name of player could shown in Entity pages could be wrong.
Added: New cache crashing system
Added: Ability.aspx now uses new table system.
Added: DPS overview to Entity.aspx
Added: Entity.aspx now handles both players and NPC.
Added: Entity.aspx also shows pets controled by player
Changed: Interal refactor to remove some uneeded sql calls, should speed up stats generation a bit.
Added: Overview.aspx now uses new datatable system.
Added: Overview.aspx shows the death list always
Added: Overview.aspx shows the bosses in the event
Fixed: Some issues with event generation could be started multiple times and slow down the site.
Added: New sql based system to keep track of generating the cache for events
Added: Ballon tip to explain the average dps/hps values.
Changed: ToS changed commen sense stuff about email ( News post will come before any feature that uses email things come)
Fixed: Some issues with the ballon message on the overview page could not always work.
Added: Option to show average dps/hps values
Changed: Internal refactor of some code
Added: New progress bar when stats generation is happening.
Added: Will now show stats progress bar correctly if multi ppl trigger correctly on same page
Fixed: Buffs and debuffs would be hidden on players that did not die
Added: First basic version of showing Buffs and Debuffs on player details
Added: First basic version of a DKP system ( Not public yet )
Added: New and shiny search system, can search for guilds or bosses.
Changed: Upload.aspx can now be viewed by everyone.
Fixed: Text on Upload.aspx being wrong
Changed: Swaped picture and Ability information on Player.aspx
Added: ? mark to show the ballon tip instead of on the button in Overview.aspx
Added: Correctly working overview settings
Fixed: Some NPC entity pages would not work ( Was linked to NPC's that did not use abilities)
Known issue: Merge Pet damage is not correctly working.
Added: Tank information on player details.
Changed: Improved stats generation speed
Added: Better page to register a user
Added: Flattr link to the page.
Added: New tooltip system to explain some of the basics of the site.
Fixed: Encounter length could show wrong when you have selected
Added: New system for sorting the overview ( Increases generation speed and lowers database size )
Added: Sorting for overview healing done
Added: New Overview to players, first version now focuses on Tanking specs details.
Changed: Hides the Stamina bar in the overview
Fixed: some links beign wrong and pointing hardcoded to conanstats
Added: Overview of raids contains overheal % from everyone
Changed: Email sent out should contain correct link and not always to ConanStats.
Added: General improvements to looking at players stats on NPC and player detail
Added: More improvements to Overview also
Added: General improvedments to death reports mostly affects Rift.
Fixed: Some issues that would make it crash in Rift
Added: Multigame support (Age of Conan and Rift)
Added: Support for new log storage system
Changed: Blocked generating events for spiders
Changed: GuildInfo.aspx shows warning about missing guild inforamtion in orange
Fixed: Some HTML code that shitty browsers did not like
Added: Web.config now referes to blue as sql server.
Added: URL support for the new forum
Added: GuildInfo.aspx now links to page to edit guild profile for guild manager
Added: Ads to Event.aspx
Added: When creating guild you are moved to guild profile page.
Added: Support for adding a description for your guild.
Added: Support for showing guild logo on the Guild information page.
Added: Basic support for uploading files to be used.
Added: New CSS layout
Added: Clicking on Guild in the side menu now gets you guild information for you current guild.
Changed: Stats folder away from Reports to Stats
Added: Ability to leave guilds
Added: support to share links.
Added: New Terms of Service page.
Fixed: Site will now verify that the password that entered contains numbers in password
Added: If you do to many failed logins and your account is locked out, you will be sent a email to verify your account again.
Fixed: Case where new password could be entered
Fixed: Case where Captcha text would be null
Added: Made the confirm button border green
Fixed: User could be potensialy be without ability to join guild
Fixed: RSS feed not being valid and not working with all rss readers
Added: First version of a system that can provide extra information about abilities
Fixed: If you opened the CAPTCA site link directly it would not crash.
Added: ResetPassword.aspx More secure system for resting your password
Added: Now loads side bar ad.
Added: Sending emails when you where declined from joining a guild
Fixed: Internal site log would incorrectly log attemt to join guilds
Fixed: Death reports now show the name of the guy who died
Fixed: Its posible to request join a none a existing guild, in certain senarios
Fixed: Getting Feature in focus could fail and stop the page from loading.
Added: Player death reports are now linked in the player reports
Added: Now has the ability to generate multiple death reports pr encounter
Changed: Event.aspx minor UI layout changes
Added: Better description on event.aspx when max event gens was reached
Fixed: Trying to add item to site log would try to open a already open sql connection
Fixed: Ability.aspx links to players would incorrectly link to NPC
Added: Now uses SQL server connection pool
Changed: Player.aspx has had tables alinged correcty
Changed: PlayerDeath.aspx has been alined correcty
Fixed: A few cases where it could build incorrect links to NPC information
Added: Saves error report if trying to get name of entity not in database
Fixed: Site would not save errors if it did not have any callstack
Fixed: Event generation url would be incorrectly buildt
Added: Admin page to delete events
Added: Generation of overview now collects damage taken info
Added: Code to better handle trying to find a player in the DB that did not exist
Changed: URL used to generate events, no longer required to spesify guild id
Changed: Overview.aspx has had a refactor to clean code
Changed: Some minor refactors in regards to deleting events
Changed: Code that gets NPC and player list from SQL is alot less expensive for the sql server ( When generating events )
Fixed: Site login to affecting forum logins
Fixed Profile.aspx not allowing to be seen for logged in users
Added: Ability to filter to overview that allows damage to be filtered so only damage against bosses shows.
Added: Administrator page to view site logs
Added: Increased logging when creating a guild
Added: Now logs searches, so we later look at how to improve the search feature ( Be ware that any logs stored regarding searches will be deleted )
Added: Stats generation started from guild stats server will no be run in seperate thread
Changed: Code cleanup and some minor memory improvements
Fixed: site log sql line would refere to wrong colum name
Added: New layout CSS that supports older browsers and supports for upcomming right side ad
Added: Overview now can support filtering out self inflicted damage and healing
Added: More details to logging, now logs account releated things
Added: IFrame.ashx now has a option to hide the logo ( Usefull if your site has alot of IE6 or other dated browsers)
Added: Shows when the event was started in the Trivial tab
Changed: Player.aspx layout changes
Changed: NPC.aspx layout size locked
Removed: Unused administrator pages
Removed: Code that interconnected Forum and site.
Fixed: EventManager.aspx would not enforce minimum event name
Fixed: Case where site would not correctly close SQL connection
Added: Support for handeling ' like " in searches
Added: Displays some basic information about the event in Event.aspx
Changed: Player.aspx minor ui layout tweak
Fixed: Search.aspx would not allows you to research
Fixed: Generate stats for players/npc would take to long
Added: Event.aspx will now prevent to many instances of stats generation
Added: EventManager.aspx will now only allow guild managers to edit and delete events
Added: EventManager.aspx will now log actions in guild log
Added: Showing casts in player and npc reports
Added: Safty code in EventWorker.aspx to prevent it from being abused
Added: Player.aspx has had it UI layout changed
Changed: Major refactor of EventManager.aspx
Added: When using search it will update the url
Added: More details to site crashes
Changed: Both Versus grids are on the same line
Changed: Better error handeling when getting information from
Fixed: Searching for Bosses the link to the Guild would be faulty
Fixed: Site would crash with certain search string
Fixed: Would try to load player screenshoot when no valid one existed
Fixed: No longer prevents outdated browsers from viewing the page, but shows a warning
Added: Memebers will recive a email when accepted to a guild
Fixed: Members page would not show the members wanting to join
Added: Will now what was searched for when the search was started via url
Added: Will show a messagebox if it fails to generate the stats for a event.
Added: Will now log site errors in greater detail.
Fixed: Improved the Encounter selector DropDown box
Fixed: GuildInfo.aspx could crash with badly formed url and a unauthenticated url
Added: Main logo can be clicked on
Added: Guild managers will now html mail when a member wants to join their guild
Added: Better system for sending emails internaly ( Used when sending html sends )
Added: Guild menu is now a tree menu
Added: Clicking on Guild brings you to GuildInfo.aspx
Added: Now shows the role of eatch member on Members.aspx
Added: Now detects outdated browsers and redirects them to the docs page
Added: GuildProfile.aspx Is completely rewritten
Refactored Members.aspx
Refactored GuildInfo.aspx
Added: option to delete accounts ( Administrative feature, helpfull for later when old accounts that are not verified will be deleted automaticly )
Added: Code to buffer the feature in focus meaning it no longer requires a sql query
Changed: Improved internal page for viewing internal site errors
Changed: Refactored Account class internaly