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Terms of Service

TOS Version: 1.2.2
TOS update date: 7/15 - 2011

We commit to:

*Keeping the Terms of service in plain english, so everyone can easly read and understand it.
*We will never sell or trade any information regarding your or your guild (including your Email address).
*The Password and secret answer you provide is one way hashed (So nobody including site administrators can see it).
*Using this site is free, there are no hidden charges
*Any emails sent from this site or subsites will only be from things that users expect (Like under registration / password reset) or when the guild administrator sends emails.

We reserve the following rights:

*We reserve the right to delete events that are submited to the site that for some reason get corrupted.
*We reserve the right to delete accounts that are registered but not verified within a 2 week period.
*We reserve the right to delete events that older then 60 days (This is due to the amount of storage space).
*We reserve the right to change the terms of service, and if we do so we will inform the users about this.
*We reserve the right to email the account holder if issue has happend and we need direct contact(This is only for contacting regarding errors).

By using the site you commit to:Failure to do follow these rules can get your account and guild deleted from the site

*You will not try to hack this site.
*You will not using a scrapper to take the content of this page to build your own site without the premission.
*You will not use the email feature on the site to send emails to your members they do not want.